The Giver: The film vs book

The Giver, I have watched and read the book and today I will be comparing the two and telling you what my opinion is. I’m just going to give  you a little recap about The Giver. The Give is about this protagonist named Jonas who has been selected to become the next receiver  of memories, but when a baby named Gabe was scheduled to be released ,Jonas refused and took Gabe with him to released all the memories.  A fun fact about this book was that this book was published in 1993. The movie “The Giver” was released in  2014 in August.

The movie has lots of differences and some similarities , for example in the book version Jonas is still a kid when he is chosen to become the next receiver of memories but in the film he was around 18. When Jonas first experience pain he gets a bee sting instead of a sun burn. Another thing that I caught was that when Jonas saw what war looked like for the first time, he had witnessed a war looked like what would have taken place only a few years ago. In they book he saw a war that may have been in world 1 because of the description.  Although they had a lot of differences they also had some similarities which are, in the book and movie is that they do the ritual of feeling and they did the medication that every one had to take, another one is that Gabe was taken home with Jonas’s father and that’s where he was able to get to know Gabe and grow a special  bond with him. If I was the director of this movie I would have made Fiona’s hair fly more as hgiver-crop-original-originaler and Jonas was going down this slide because it was very obvious it was fake and if you are sliding down on the slide thing in a fast past your hair would most likely be flying more as if you are on a roller coaster. This would be the only thing I would have changed because I thought this movie was pretty well done.

I enjoyed the film version of ” The Giver” even though the rating weren’t that good. The reason why because in the book it was a little more exciting and I was able to know what was going on but in the book I really had to think about it. In the book the author did  not describe a lot to you would basically not have a very clear image in your head on what is going on sometimes. The movie kept me on the edge of my seat but as for the book I was in no hurry to start reading it again. What would have change anything in the movie or in the book to make it seem better and why?

The Giver


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